You will earn more points for your selected SupaStar and those points will go towards a global leader board.

Your SupaStar should be your favorite artists, personality, sports star, team, chef or whoever you like!

If you change your mind and want to update your SupaStar its really easy to update!

Simply locate the Star you wish to make your SupaStar then follow these simple steps:

Click the SupaStar icon on the profile screen of your chosen Star:

Then you will need to confirm your selection:

And thats it! You have now changed your SupaStar and can start exploring and earning points!

Your profile page will reflect this new choice in SupaStar:

Something to remember when changing SupaStarz is you will lose all built up points for your old SupaStar. But thats fine, because you'll be earning points with your new SupaStar!

There is a video over on this article if you want to take a look: