Click the search icon in the IOS version of the SupaFanz app:

To access the search function on Android you will need to click the menu:

Then you will need to click the search icon:

When you are on this section you will see two tabs - Discover & Following. 

Use the Discover tab to search for new Starz:

You can browse through popular artists or use the search bar to find Starz.

This is what you will see when you search for 'Kardashian':

You can Follow any Starz on this section by simply clicking the circle to the right of their name:

Once you have clicked this an un-follow icon will appear, you will also see a green notificantion saying 'Following':

When you have selected your new Starz they will appear in the Following section:

This is how it will appear:

You are now Following this Star! 

You earn points for every new Star you follow, so keep it up!