The 'Discover' tab of the search section will allow you to search for new Starz to follow. You can scroll up and down or you can use the search bar at the top of the page if you know a specific person or a # (hashtag) for a category. Some of these categories could include: #football, #Tv, #Chef, #Music, #Band. There are lots more! So get exploring and earning those points!

If you were to search for 'Kardashian' in the discover section it would return all Starz with the name or tag 'Kardashian'.

You can select who ever you want to follow out of this list.

If you were to search for 'Kardashian' in the following section it would return results from the Starz you are already following.

It only shows the people with the 'Kardashian' name or link that you have already selected to be one of your Starz.